Nantucket Memorial Airport offers convenient and dependable parking services for customers. The parking space is in front of the Terminal and is divided into two parts.

The front section of the main lot is the closest to the Terminal, and therefore prices are a bit higher. Parking is free during the first three hours, but in case customers need to stay longer, but less than 8 hours, the fee will be $12. Longer than 8 hours, the rate is $20 for the 24 hours of any portion. The Airport is also offering weekly and monthly parking services, where the prices are $120 and $400 accordingly.

The back section of the lot is located relatively farther from the Terminal and offers services at a lower rate. The first three hours are free. For the period from three to eight hours, the fee is only $6. Eight to 24 hours cost is $10. The back section also provides weekly and monthly services for half the price than the front part.