TSA officers can be considered as the most visible security at the Airport. The women and men in blue uniforms are responsible for baggage screening and passengers departing on commercial aircraft. They represent part of a larger Federal Agency; whose mission is to maintain the safety of the Nation's transportation systems in order to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.

Nantucket Police Department

For the sake of providing a secure environment for everyone at the Airport, additional security is always an advantage. A full-time Law Enforcement Officer is stationed at the Airport. The Airport is considered as a municipal organization and an arm of the Town of Nantucket. The NPD serves the mission to prevent crime, protect life and property, and enforce laws and ordinances.

Nantucket Memorial Airport

Airport employees represent the least recognizable members of the three security organizations. Airport security personnel administer FAA and TSA directives governing internal and facility security.

In case of seeing something suspicious, passengers are asked to report it to the nearest air employee, TSA or NPD officer, any relevant official, or dial 911.

ID policy

All passengers are obligated to follow TSA policy regarding passports and other IDs. All travelers who are older than 18 should present a valid government-issued identification document at the checkpoint. If, for some reason, passengers do not have such a document on hand, they should go through the unique identity verification process that is also operated by TSA representatives.